Time to grow…

It’s been a little while since we last posted and so much has happened in such a short space of time.

I had the most incredible experience on my “I AM” tour after over a year of recording my album. I had a little time in the studio writing, preparing for my next chapter when out of the blue I received a call from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber asking if I would be interested in playing “Grizabella” in the revival of CATS on Broadway. A week later I had moved to New York and I’m now in the theater every night performing in one of the most iconic shows in history.

You never know what’s around the corner but staying open to all opportunities can lead to the most incredible experiences which, for me, has lead to tremendous personal growth.

Throughout this time, Maloy and I have been working on Lee-Loy to bring our amazing readers something fresh and exciting which we will be unveiling very soon…

Watch this space! – Lee xx

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From the very first episode of ‘Girls’ I was hooked. I laughed out loud whilst connecting with the more serious issues highlighted on the show.
I became even more of a fan when I started receiving the Lenny letters written by Dunham and her friend. She’s an absolute force, and I look forward to what else she has in store for us.

-Lee xx

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I admire Thandie Newton not only as an outstanding actress but for the voice she
gives to women. Raising awareness on her many platforms she powerfully advocates
equality and progressive thinking. I’m proud to call her a friend and I’m continually inspired by her.
-Lee xx
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This is one of my drum skins that I played each and every night on my “GlassHeart” tour.
I recently got it framed and noticed that my favorite thing about it are the marks it has from where I played it night after night in front of amazing audiences that came to share the music with me.


I find these marks beautifully significant as though each one holds a memory. This drum represents my soul. It has marks and bruises and it’s been through a lot of hits. Those marks have shaped who I am and I look at them with love just as I look at my drum skin.

So if you have scars wear them proudly because we all have them, they are part of us and we must love and appreciate what they have taught us.

-Lee xx

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Moving on…


If you open your palm and let a flower rest on it, you can experience it’s beauty, take in its aroma and feel the softness of its petals. It may stay for a while and you get to enjoy its essence. It may even be a long while but it will eventually dry and slowly turn to dust in your hand. Or maybe it’s a short while and then it is blown away with the wind and goes onto its next destination. Some of us would clutch it so tightly, out of fear that it will be swept away, that we crush it, and it dies anyway.

People, situations, things are all here for a while and then they move on. I believe we must appreciate these things and then allow them to naturally move onto their next destination no matter how long or short the time is that we get to enjoy them.

I think that when one door closes a hundred will open up for you and I recently had a situation that came to end that I knew I had to just move on from so that I could begin the next chapter.  It’s so funny because before I would have wanted to hold on so tightly but now I know that in the end it’s just like the flower and it would be crushed and turn to dust if I didn’t just let go. I know that it’s hard to move on, but it’s a natural process of life.

I also lost a dear friend of my family and learned so much during this time. To truly cherish every second we get to be with our loved ones and not take any moment for granted. I also know that the energy of my dear friend will always be with me and that in fact we are more connected now than ever.
So for any situations in your life that you feel are out of control, remember to breathe into it and not to clutch so hard that you end up destroying what you had, but to allow a flow to happen. The story doesn’t end but a new chapter begins…

-Lee xx

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