“If Leona spoke French as well as she sings, she would get an A*”

I’ll always remember my french teacher telling my mum that as I sat nervously at our parent-teacher meeting! Well it’s true, music, singing, dance, art, and creative writing. That was all I was passionate about and still am. I remember climbing on the coffee table and performing my latest song that I had learned and making my family watch me. I’d steal my mums red lipstick and make sure I was wearing my best outfit. Clearly I loved fashion and beauty then too! I’ve always been a little eccentric and am lucky enough to have amazing friends and family that balance me out. I started this blog with one of my best friends as a way of sharing our stories and adventures as I feel people have never really gotten to know the REAL me.

The media like to portray me as very shy, timid and quiet, but really I’m extremely open, strong willed and can’t be shut up! So this blog is me talking to the world as my friend, where you’ll get to know me for me. Not the media portrayal by some arsey journalist who can’t do their job properly. This is an open honest and interactive blog, that I hope you’ll all love xxx

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introducing-maloyI have been obsessed with animals and creatures for as long as I can remember. I used to capture sparrows in the school playground by sprinkling bread as bait, hiding around the corner, and then pouncing on them with my cotton Peter Potter bag. Yes I was a wild child and EVENTUALLY learned that wild animals couldn’t be tamed or be kept as house pets. Other than my unorthodox love of animals, my obsession with fashion, beauty and business started at a young age. I chose all my own outfits growing up – leggings, little crop tops, and a high ponytails. Well what do you expect when Salt n Pepper were my style icons?! I also learned at a young age that you have to work hard to get what you want. I had a “weekend job” to pay for this pink electric guitar toy. I would wake up at 4am to go to Hackney Market with my parents and set up my very own stall to sell earrings. At 50p a pair, I had to work crazy hard for that £10 guitar!

I’d like to think I’ve grown up since I was 7 but the truth is little has changed. I still love a bit of fashion, animals, business, shopping and I’m still weird. I’m bucket list driven and want/will try everything and anything at least once. I have the most fascinating family and friends in the entire universe. Let’s just say this blog is going to be full of Dear diary moments, and stuff tried and tested by yours truly xoxo

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